Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who is dat ?

That is the sign that I kept being shown during the Dallas Cowboy and New Orleans Saints game last Sunday night. People in the stadium were holding up Who is Dat signs every time the Saints would make another touchdown in their 42 to 17 romp over the Cowboys.

I dont know about you but I was absolutely stunned to see the Cowboys play as pathetically as they did. I thought the GIRLS played (sorry girls) pretty badly during the NY Giants game and the only reason they won that battle is because the Giants sucked as bad as Dallas did but just a little bit worse. Dallas won 4 straight games and beat a couple of difficult opponents such as the Colts and the Giants. Does that mean that we can allow our heads to swell to the point that we think that we are untouchable?

The run by Julius Jones for 77 yards into the end zone was the most exciting and ONLY exciting play of the entire game for Dallas. The touchdown by TO (circus) Owens was a freak accident which should have been an interception. I guess that it is good the defender had his entire hand wrapped in tape and could not hold on to the ball.

I am starting to wonder if there are any other field goal kickers out there that could be signed? Last week the kicker kicked a really long field goal , not sure exactly how long but think it was 45+ yards, yet he missed one within 30 yards as he pulled it to the right of the goal post.

I hope that the COWBOYS (not the girls) actually show up in Atlanta on Saturday night ready to do battle with the Atlanta Falcons. At this point in the season no game should be considered a game that can be lost or that the opponent is a push over. If you are a Dallas fan of old like myself you KNOW that you know that most folks HATE the Dallas Cowboys and look for every opportunity to defeat them.

If Dallas plays like they have the last two weeks Atlanta will have a very easy win to add to their statistics. If Dallas plays at the level they are capable of playing then Atlanta could have their hands full. I guess we will know more on Saturday night after the fat lady sings.

James Moffitt

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